On The Beatles: Howard Goodall

On The Beatles: Howard Goodall

3 thoughts on “On The Beatles: Howard Goodall

  1. Didn’t you find it odd how drastically their music changed from 19966, to that Sgt. Pepper album in 1967? Didn’t you find the leap from one style to the other one of the strangest transitions ever? I stopped liking that group after hearing Sgt. Pepper–to this day, I can’t stand to listen to one note of that album or anything they came up with after that either. They changed so drastically it was as though the members of that group had been replaced by their doppelgangers, and the music was written and produced by mentally disturbed individuals. I thought the reason had to be drugs.

    1. They stopped touring in 1966 and became a “studio band”. They began to experiment with sound, spiritualism & mind-altering drugs.

      I completely understand your reaction. They went from Rubber Soul (Very melodic) to Revolver (Less Melodic, more experimental). Quite a shock.

      It had a completely different effect on me. I listened to the songs and it quite simply blew my mind.

      Thank you for answering on my blog as well as on Facebook. I really appreciate that!


      1. Hi Brian–please excuse how long it’s taken me to answer you back, but I still haven’t familiarized myself with all the features on this blog–I just found the link to be able to answer you back–ridiculous!–but, I hope better late than never!
        About the Beatles–imagine the shock I went through when they went from songs like “Michelle” to the songs on that “Sgt. Pepper’s” album–the change was so drastic for me that to this day I can NOT stand to hear a single note from that album, or any album they came up with after that! I loved the early Beatles, and had a huge crush on McCartney–but, things changed in such a terrible way after 1966-67, when that awful “Sgt. Pepper’s” album came out, that I felt nothing but revulsion towards any of their music from that date onward, as well as revulsion towards Paul! The summer of 1967, when that “Pepper’s” album was released, I was up in Seattle, visiting with my girlfriend’s family nearly the whole summer–and, the kids in the neighborhood had the new album, and at first we played it until it should have worn out! I thought it was ok at first, but not long after that, every time I’d heard one of those awful songs on the radio, I’d have to turn the station! I thought at first it was only because they had played it over and over so much, that I’d developed a revulsion towards it–but, now, I’m not so sure–now, I’m thinking it is due to how severely they’d changed in so short a span of time, and their new ‘stuff’, to my mind, never matched up with the old love ballads–it’s those ballads that I’d loved–the new stuff is just that, to me–stuff–awful stuff! Ok, Thanks, Brian. 🙂

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