Although I find this VERY UNSCIENTIFIC analysis by Virgil Griffith correlating SAT scores and the music people listen to amusing…

…I’m reminded by Thomas Sowell that correlation does not imply causation.

I believe that in all of it’s forms, the music itself improves your intellect; it’s not intellect that chooses music. F’rinstance: The Beatles chose me; I didn’t choose The Beatles. When I heard Hello Goodbye at the tender age of 13, it was as if someone hit me over a head with a heavy tuning fork. It was as if the music contained subliminals and harmonics that immediately activated something deep inside me.

Where lyrics come in is a different story. Lyrics define the nature of the music. As an example, – and not surprisingly – this is where Hip-Hop and I part ways. The music is, in a lot of instances, really cool. But I believe the songs with violent or overtly sexual lyrics are destructive.

The beauty of being a libertarian is that I don’t give a damn about who listens to what. But when you act on those lyrics, be prepared to meet the consequences of your actions. B$


What did ya think?

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