Worlds Collide: Pomplamoose & The Beatles…


Although I think John Lennon would spin in his grave for Pomplamoose injecting a bit of McCartney into what Lennon considered to be one of his greatest contributions to the Beatles…

IF he had a grave.

And IF he hadn’t been cremated.

…but since he had neither body nor grave to spin in, I’m thinking he’s OK with it.

Actually, I don’t really care because I love Lennon’s song and I love that when someone does a cover, that they don’t just do it like the original; they make it their own. Pomplamoose made it their own and I’m proud to say I helped make it happen through my contributions to the group via Patreon.  Enjoy!

Worlds Collide: Pomplamoose & The Beatles…

What did ya think?

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