BeatsPerMinute, Guitar Solos and Sweat…

I’m on this kick to lose some weight and I’m proud to say I’m doing OK.

But as my workouts get more and more intense as time passes, I find myself wanting to be challenged at the end. Last night I was nearing the end of my workout and I hit some weak-ass, wuss of a song to end on. I was having none of THAT!.

So, I scrambled and found the “hardest” song on my iPod Shuffle (perfect for workouts, BTW) and this is what I ended with…

  • I hit HIGH SCORE on the heart rate measurement on the elliptical machine
    • You know…the high score that has that kid at the counter of the 24 Hour Fitness looking at you and wondering if he’s gonna hafta call 911 and
  • My Fitbit melted into my wrist.

I always start to laugh when 25 or 6 to 4 comes up in one of my workout playlists because I wonder quietly to myself, “Can you keep up with the beat and can you stay with it to the end, Brian?” The answer (like last night) is usually “yes”!

BeatsPerMinute, Guitar Solos and Sweat…

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