America: Lonely People

Four distinct features of this song that take it from “good song” to “great song”

  • A poignant theme: Loneliness and lonely people and giving hope to those who find themselves alone. (Think Eleanor Rigby)
  • Simple melody: 4/4 with no surprises; the poster child of basic & simplistic rhythm.  Literally everyone from any background can “understand” the beat & melody.
  • Simple and to-the-point lyrics.  No fancy words like ‘Terpsichore’ or ‘global perambulations’.  (a bit of a dig on Paul McCartney, there!)
  • And SHORT in length!  The song is gone before you want it to be.

There’s another song this reminds me of…I Me Mine.  It has all of the same earmarks.  I’ll post that soon.  In the meantime, enjoy this YouTube version of Lonely People:

America: Lonely People

What did ya think?

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