The Beatles: And I Love Her

The Beatles: And I Love Her

4 thoughts on “The Beatles: And I Love Her

  1. HI Brian–did you realize that you can re-post a link to that song from YouTube?
    I have it right here:

    Here’s another one–the songs like this one are the ones I just love to this day, too:

    “I Feel Fine” is the song at the second link. And, my heart-throb was Paul and this video has some great shots of him!

    Chris 🙂

  2. HI again, Brian! I wanted to ask you something about the Beatles, and the ‘legend’ of the death of Paul prior to the release of the ‘Sgt. Pepper’s” album in the summer of 1967. Here is a YouTube video of them singing “Hello, Good-bye”, in which the substitution, or switch had already supposedly taken place, and a double stood in for Paul and stayed in the group until it dissolved–and, is still posing as Paul to this day, according to ‘sources’ ;).

    The reason I’m bringing this up is due to the fact that, back in early high school I had a HUGE crush on Paul–he made my heart nearly stop every time I’d look at him! However, in the summer of ’67, when I’d see him then, nothing would happen to my teen-aged heart–NOTHING! In fact the opposite was true–he’d repulse me!

    That seemed so odd to me, so I decided to check and see if my seeing Paul now, in the earlier videos of the group, would have the same kind of effect on me, because I have always wondered–did they replace Paul, who had been killed, or not?

    So, I watched the video of “I Feel Fine”, and as I looked at Paul in the video my heart did the same melt-down it had done back in the early ’60’s! Then, to prove to myself something really is drastically wrong with the ‘later’ Paul, I watched the video I’ve posted the link to in this note, and as I looked at the Paul is this video, I felt repulsed! My heart did not go “Pitter-Pat”, like it did when I saw the Paul in the “I Feel Fine” video!
    I know it’s not proof-positive that something really did happen to Paul, but if a ‘girl’s’ intuition counts for anything, I’d have to say–Yes, sadly, something did happen, and the man in the later albums, beginning with “Sgt. Pepper’s’ is a look-alike, and definitely not the original Paul McCartney!

    Ok–I just wanted to tell you about that, just in case you, too, had heard the rumors over the years about Paul. I hope and pray I’m wrong, but I really no longer think I am, sadly! ;(


    1. I too was intrigued by the ‘Paul is dead’ rumors that are bandied-about even today. After looking at all of the “evidence” I’d say that the Paul that is here with us today is the one and only Paul McCartney. I saw him three times when he came to Northern California in 2002: San Jose, Sacramento and San Francisco. If that is a fake Paul then I’m glad we have the fake. He is one of the most amazingly talented people ever to walk the Earth.

      I’ll end this by asking you, “Who killed JFK?” …you don’t really know…the only persons that know are the people that actually did it…we’re NEVER going to know the truth of the matter so…why waste the short life we already have on such trivials? 🙂

      Thank you for reading my blogs!!!


      1. HI Brian, and yeah, I finally gave up trying to prove whether or not the ‘new world odor’ people killed Paul, or not, myself, but when I look at the ‘old’ videos of the Beatles, and look at that Paul, it makes my heart ‘go pitty-pat’, just the way it did when I was 14 years old–when I look at the Beatles after 1966-67, that “Paul” repulses me just like he did when I was 17–so, that’s all I really have to go on, and it’s enough for me. There is some underhanded cloning taking place I’m sure, but even though they can replicated someone’s body, using their DNA, they can’t replicate the soul of the person in question–it’s the soul that shines out from within, that we recognize, and that we are attracted to, or repulses by, when we see and speak to someone, no matter what they may look like. I also know who killed JFK, if he was really killed–the same people who run this world from off-stage–members of the brotherhood/freemasonry/witches/occult-adherents/satanists/seedofsatan–they are all the same. They call themselves the ‘illumined ones’, even though they live in the deepest darkness within their own souls. They are dangerous only because they cloak themselves in secrecy, and assassinate when least expected, all from a hiding place.
        You’re welcome, when it comes to my reading your blogs. I just wish you, and the others I have as ‘friends’ on facebook, would do me the same courtesy.

        Hardly anyone ever bothers to ‘like’ anything I post as well, or share anything I post on facebook either. No one seems to care to read my blog entries, or if they do, they don’t leave any comments for me, or follow me, either. I can only concluded that, no matter what I post, or write, it’s not worth the reading by those I know, and that makes me even more sad than I am already. I guess what they say about facebook is true–that it causes more sadness, and more anxiety in it’s users, than they’d encounter in life without it. I can understand how that might be the case, unfortunately! Carry on, Brian, and thanks for replying back to me. 🙂

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