Paul McCartney: Another Day

While other 11-12 year olds were going to birthday parties or playing ball, I was in our garage with an old radio hooked up magically (my early technical prowess showing) to a barely working 8-Track recorder…YES…RECORDER…lol.

I remember waiting for what seemed days for the only quality FM pop station at the time (K101, San Francisco) to play the most amazing song I had ever heard on AM radio.  In those days it was KFRC 610 AM San Fran all the way baby!!  The song I heard on KFRC was called Another Day and I was bound and determined to get a quality FM recording of it.

For those of you that are newly-arrived to this planet, AM stations had the quality of a bad cell phone call.  FM stations sounded like you were getting it straight from a high-bitrate MP3.

After recording it, I must have played it every day until that 8-Track ‘smoked’.  It was Paul’s “Hello Goodbye” that I had heard not too long before that made music EXPLODE in my brain.  The awakening was Earth-shattering for me.  If you have a similar experience, I’d love to hear about it…put it in the comments.

Paul McCartney: Another Day

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